Redcare Pharmacy cares about forging good relationships with all stakeholders. The Investor Relations team’s primary task is to maintain contact with current and potential shareholders of the company and with sell-side analysts who advise shareholders. Through bilateral contacts, roadshows and participation at investor conferences, the team aims to ensure the thorough understanding of the company’s investment case and its operational performance. It should be noted however that, in principle, no bilateral contacts will be held during the Closed Periods preceding the publication of financial results.

The Closed Periods for 2024 are as follows and end upon the publication of Earnings:

  • 4 Feb / 5 Mar
  • 26 Mar / 25 Apr
  • 30 Jun / 30 Jul
  • 6 Oct / 5 Nov

Investor Relations disseminates annual and quarterly reports and trading updates, press releases and presentations to investors in order to provide quality information about developments at the company, ensuring that relevant information is equally and simultaneously provided and accessible to all interested parties. All publications are accessible on this website and can be also be received promptly by registering below. For more information please refer to our Policy regarding Bilateral Contacts with Shareholders.

Closed Periods
4 Feb / 5 Mar
Closed Periods
26 Mar / 25 Apr
Closed Periods
30 Jun / 30 Jul
Closed Periods
6 Oct / 5 Nov

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    Monica Ambrosi &
    Carmen Herkenrath